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Hello, Malaysian metalheads. How are you these days? How was Metallica? How was the opening band? Did you manage to record their performance and upload it on youtube? Haha. Fun and jokes aside, I would like to apoligize for the lack of updates these days. Life has been quite hectic these days.

But fear not, I will be writing some reviews later on since I got my hands on a number of awesome local releases that I feel I need to promote and expose. Some of them were sent by the band and some of them, I bought. So expect machine guns of reviews for the next couple of posts.

I am also in the midst of interviewing a couple of bands that everybody should listen to. Wait for that one as well. In the mean time, for the local metalheads, keep your head abreast with news and updates on the local metal scene via these dedicated blogs listed below:


I will do a round up for more news, later. Probably I will angkut the news from these blogs anyway. LOL. So enjoy you weekdays and see you just in a little bit. All hail the Malaysian Metal scene. Kita metal terus (move forward and metal)!