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Metal : A Malaysian Headbangers Journey
1- Where was I? Yes, my second "satanic" heavy metal album was Kreator. It was only later that I found out that Kreator plays Thrash Metal. At this point of time (which was around 1995) I have yet to discover any local bands that play this kind of music until I was introduced to a band called Cromok.

2- I have heard the name before but never had the enthusiasm to find out what was it all about until I forced my uncle to by me their second album, Forever In Time. The melodies, the aggressiveness of the music and the memorable riffs officially converted me into a Cromok fan. Wow, I thought to myself, there are local bands that play this kind of music. My mission since then was to find out more about the local heavy metal bands hidden everywhere through out the country. 
I ate your Impiety tape. Wutcha gon do about it?
3- I got my first taste of black metal through As Sahar's Meditation Embun Pagi and Impiety's Funeralight. It was a friend of mine back in my school days who gave me the cassettes. It was awesome. I think I never returned the cassette tapes. Both of the tapes fell into a river and err.. was eaten by two big ugly crocodiles.  I got lucky to even be able to escape. The tapes didnt. That friend of mine never let me borrow any of his tapes ever again but it was a true story.

4- Another friend of mine brought a zeroxed traditionally type written "magazine" he called Fanzine. That was the first time I got to hold and read a fanzine. It was local publication called Brutal Noise Fanzine from Penang I think. Inside was loads and loads of information about the local heavy metal scene and from all around the world. I was bloody stoked. It aint gon get any cooler than this thus a goal was set to someday write a fanzine of my own.

To Be Continued.