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What the fuck was that all about? Oh another wonderful act of ludicrous judgment from the ignorant society. Why could not they just understand that it is only music? A form of entertainment? Yes, it is heavy, it is dark and it does not appeal to everybody, but it is still some form of entertainment.

What about their own backyards? Their lovely tudung clad daughters going crazy over some cute nasyid singers? Aint that some form of hedonism that to my opinion is far more worse than some black metal open society gay bullshit? Remember, a hidden enemy is far more dangerous and they can fuck you up real bad.

Do you really think that your daughters listen to nasyid for the message? Nasyid today is just another form of popular entertainment no different than your typical radio fueled non religious pop songs by the likes of Siti Norhaliza and Misha Omar with pseudo religious lyrics. How many nasyid songs nowadays that sang about boyfriends and girlfriends under the cloth of some arabic words here and there to make it sound religious. I can name you a thousand of them.

Hey, I am not here to bash nasyid. I am from that background. Even had a couple of nasyid groups myself during my university days and almost went for an album. I even helped wrote one chart topping nasyid song last year for a well known mainstream nasyid group with a couple more to come. But come on. This extreme music bashing gotta stop.

I have been listening to black metal since I was like 13 years old. I came from a well known religious school in Kelantan, furthered my studies in a local religious university and where am I now? All praise be to God, I now work in a reputable law firm in Kuala Lumpur and I still listen to Burzum, Mayhem and Dark Throne. You? Having no form of life what so ever, spending your days bashing heavy metal on the internet with your ignorance.

If all the accusations made by the media (Harian Metro, Mastika) these past few years against extreme music had been proven to be accurate and true for some reason, then i do believe even the people in the metal scene themselves would be more than happy to go and kick these blood drinking, goat worshiping motherfuckers. But the problem is, none of it had been proven true!

All the accusations made were fueled with sensationalism, ignorance, judgmental, hate, prejudice and insecurity, all the typical ingredient of your typical society.

Islam is a wonderful religion and it teaches its followers to use their brains extensively. Muslim should be wise, intellectual and smart. Stop sending messages that Muslims are stupid, insecure, hateful and dumb. For the love of God.
  1. First thing, sorry if my English sucks! hahaha...
    well, i totally disagree with that stupid statement about "Pesta Black Metal Terengganu" and the statement "tiket murah ke Neraka" posted in a blog "Terengganu Kite" or whatever..We know that Only God know our place in hereafter..well,
    I do listening to metal music too, and i love it..nothing to do about metal, it just a music and for me, there is good about metal, talked about war, death, politics (sometimes)..but, my point is, what about muslims with beer,alcohol at gigs or concert?..well, there's only a few from us..I'm really sorry but i have to write about this, and I'm sorry if I was wrong...As a muslim, we should know what should to do, and not..there's nothing wrong about metal..It's about our long as we always remember who are we, well it's ok then..well, sorry, it just my opinion, we can talk about this..sorry about the langugage..just email me at

  2. oh, one more thing...i totally agree with that "nasyid celebrities"...some of them just, popularity, girl and so whatever..nice post! \m/

  3. Thank you bro... Nice comments. the main point is the knowledge ('ilm). Even islam promotes its followers to practice their acquired knowledge (mengamalkan ilmu). It is just your typical case of cakap tanpa ilmu.

    About the language thing, there is nothing to it bro, you can always post it in Malay if you want. No problem at all my friend.

  4. hahahaha...terima kasih..ya, ilmu memainkan peranan penting..sebab ilmu kita tidak akan sekali-kali dipermainkan...jadi, sama-samalah kita menaikkan scene metal malaysia..aku rasa terkilan x rasa macam brader2 tahun 80-an dulu...apa yang aku nampak kat gig-gig metal..semua yang datang kebanyakannya profesional...tgk lah cromok-ada engineer...mcm2 lagilah..dan yang paling aku seronok ada member aku cina aku jumpa kat gig kat one cafe,dia respek aku muslim, so, dia x ajak aku minum dia respek aku..kalo semua bersatu dan tau peranan masing-masing, x mustahil nnt wacken air pon kita boleh anjurkan..ade brader tu pulak, budi bahasa dia mmg cantik..time smayang pon kita ada break kan? mmg x jadi masalah semua tu..but you know, malaysisian politics is suck! byk agenda murah...hahaha \m/

  5. hehehe... betul dude.

  6. aq sokong ko bro...
    w/pun muzik yang kta dgr yg pntg kta jaga root kta as Muslim n Malay...
    nk kta lgu pop 2 lg r bnyk lirik yg t'sembunyi pasal freemason n satanic cnth plg baik lgu paparazi dr lady gaga (reverse version...

    P/s : aku pun amik law gak bro...cntik r bla bdk law lyn metal...

  7. Hehehe.. kalau tentang backward mask tu certain lagu memang secara sengaja penyanyi dia letakkan mesej tersembunyi tapi kebanyakannya tak de intention pon. Too many people out there yang got too much time on their hands. Lagipun for me theres no point of sending a message that people can not in what so ever ways, comprehend. Kadang-kadang kita kena hati hati juga untuk percaya benda benda macam ni. Manusia melihat apa yang mereka mahu lihat. hehehe.

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