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Silent Death is one of the pioneering and important bands from the late 80's/early 90's Malaysian Metal Scene alongside bands in the likes of BrainDead, SilKhannaz and Suffercation. Their debut album, Before the Sunrise which was released in 1993 by Dark Journey Records is one of those important albums from the early 90s to showcase how Malaysian Metal music sounds like back in the early 90's and how it has evolved since then.

Although the quality of the download will not be as good as the original material, I reckon that for promotional purposes, the album will be able to give you a taste of Malaysian Death Metal music from the 90's. The line up for this album are: Stone (bass/vocals), Pink (guitars), As (guitars) and Ollie (drums).

It is also important to note that Silent Death will be releasing their anticipated second album anytime soon. Malaysian Death Metal at its best!

1- Dying Moment
2- Voice of Misery
3- Reign of Inferno
4- Before the Sunrise
5- Twisted faith
6- Preacher of the Dark
7- Book of Death
8- Unharmony Unity

Silent Death: Facebook | MySpace | EncMetallum

Name: Before The Sunrise
Label: Dark Journey Records
Size: 34.66 mb
Year: 1993
Band: Silent Death.

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