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While attempting to finish this entry, I listened to Sauts Alastor, the Grand Executor album which was released by Nebiula Production in the year 2000. A remarkable elite black metal squadron hailing from Subang, Selangor. I like this EP very much. The band managed to incorporate rich and profound melodic chops due to the extensive use of keyboards and synths into the grim and evil Emperor-isque Scandanavian sound. Soothing to my ears as far as I am concerned.

Having said that, this is one more hard to find Malaysian Metal compilation and this one was called Dark Live Collection. This compilation was released in 1993 by a now defunct local label, the legendary Dark Journey Records. Dark Journey Records was one of the first pioneering extreme metal record labels in Malaysia. Valentine Sound Production and Sonic Asylum were also another two worth mentioning Malaysian record labels who were bold enough to produce and distribute local metal albums at that time.

Anyway, this compilation featured 6 Malaysian extreme metal bands: Silent Death (Death Metal), Brain Dead (by this time they were experimenting with a darker version of Death Metal), Nemesis (thrash metal), Catarrh (the earliest version of Malaysian porn death metal?), Tormentor (Death Metal to my ears) and Nebiras (Black Metal).

Both Silent Death and Brain Dead, the two towers of Malaysian Death Metal, had already been reformed recently with the former is currently in the studio and is set to release their new album. Nemesis was disbanded with the front man went on to form a Roots era Sepultura rip off band, Koffin Kanser. Tormentor was also disbanded without living any trace thereafter with the drummer went on to drum for a few metal bands, Sil Khannaz and Slum Scum and a few commercial rock bands, XPDC and DefGabC before joining a local cult and disappeared not to be heard again. Ive already talked about Nebiras when I posted the Intrusion compilation whereas Catarrh went on to release a few EPs afterward.

I found the compilation on the internet and I do believe it was ripped from the cassette version thus be warned that the sound quality of this material may not be that audio friendly. I have the cassette version but I am too lazy to rip it.

Silent Death: Facebook
Braindead: Myspace | Facebook
Koffin Kanser: MySpace | Facebook
Catarrh: Myspace

Name: Dark Live Collection Compilation
Label: Dark Journey Records
Size: 6.7mb
Year: 1993
Bands: Brain Dead, Silent Death, Nemesis, Catarrh, Nebiras and Tormentor.

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