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I at present am stuck with Overkill’s 2010 album Ironbound. It is in my book, one of the best sounding metal albums so far for this year. The guitars were clean, heavy and chunky and the drums sounded amazing and the iconic Bobby Blitz never sounded better than in Ironbound. A fast and furious album indeed it is, a billion times superior then their scrawny little album, Immortalis (or Metallica’s Death Magnetic so to speak) which was released in 2007. Having said that…

I have been busy for the past few weeks with my myriad of never-ending and bludgeoning cases thus the reason for the lack of updates in TheBulletBelt recently. I am still doing my weekly browsing of any innovative and fresh sounding Malaysian heavy metal bands to promote to the whole wide world regardless of the hectic time schedule though.

I will be preparing a couple of classic Malaysian metal albums for downloads in the nearest of time and for those metalheads out there who have been on the tenterhooks that I will be putting up local metal stuff online, please accept my request for forgiveness. I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I am not going to turn this blog into a download blog. All the albums that have been or will be featured in this blog are the classic landmark albums, deemed fit to introduce the world to the Malaysian heavy metal sound. I do not take requests but I do take suggestions.

The latest mouth watering brouhaha for the local metalheads was the Vokill Record’s Vokill Fest gig that will be held at One CafĂ© Kuala Lumpur, next month, 1.8.2010 to be exact. The Malaysian black metal godz, Black Fire will be headlining. The legendary Ipoh death metal band Profane Creation and Kuala Lumpur’s own black metal battalion Aradia will also be performing. The other bands that were listed to play were Dark Nirrajim, Infernal Void, Hayagriva, Farasu, Ensemble of Silence, Vetis, Demonical Crisis Assembly, Nefarious Azarak and surprise surprise, Vermillion.

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