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1. Drawing was one of my favorite past time when I was still a Kampung kid, growing up all innocent and unmetal back in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I would draw comics, cartoons, action figures and what nots. and gave it out friends and families for free.  My 80 page brown exercise book that I would use for homework most of the time will always end up 70 pages short.

2. When I first started to flirt with heavy metal back in high school, I like to draw logos for imaginary bands.  I would design sleeves and make up song titles for my imaginary bands. I never took my logo designing skill seriously and it never went to any higher level, and university happens. Until a couple months ago when I started to draw logos for a couple of bands from all around the world for fun (well, at least at the moment, I dont think it will get to be THAT serious though), my fascination with logo designing rekindled.

3. For the local bands, if you think your current logo sucks and are in need of a new logo, then you can email me at benignism@yahoo.com and I will try and see if I can work my magic out for you and your band. Payments? Nah, I dont think I would need any payments at the moment, because if I were to take payments, if I were to charge you for the logos, that would mean I will have to pick the pesky aftersales responsibilities and shits, which I got no time for. But if you were to use the logo that I have designed for you, a couple of free CDs or Tshirts would do no harm. Hahaha.

4. Conditions: Your band must be a serious band (not just a weekend jam bands), with your own original songs with plans to release them in near future or at least, your band have already been playing gigs and shows. Not that I am picky (which I usually am) or something, but when you are doing free shits, you would want to expect that the free shits were utilised and appreciated. Jam bands dont bother wasting my time. Email me the details below:

  1. Band name:
  2. Genre:
  3. From:
  4. Preferred colour:
  5. Other band logos that you like:
  6. Website/Facebook/Bandcamp page: (no band page, no logo)

Email it to: benignism@yahoo.com

Some of the logos that were made by me, out of boredom.

Maqabir - Malaysian Atmospheric Black Metal

Mhourong - Malaysian Experimental Black Metal

Spectrelight Recordings - Canadian Based Label

Salvation Lies Within - Some metalcore band from UK or something

Filsufatia - Malaysian Depressive Melancholic Black Metal

For more samples of logos that were designed by me, click HERE.

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