Designing Logos: 3 comments

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1. Hello. Its been a while since I last update this blog and I guess this is the first post for 2013. So much for being a tireless blogger.

2. Well, I suppose I will need sparks of controversial issues on a weekly basis for me to drag my ass up and update this blog. Maybe I will be able to poach a couple of readers out of it.

3. You know, one of the most fun thing about metal, besides its music was the art and I am talking about band logos. I have always been fascinated by metal bands logos especially those of the black metal bands.

4. Giving a shot at deciphering those logos requires a lot of eye skills, man. Back when I was still schooling, a close friend wore a Nargaroth T shirt. I was like, what the hell does that say? My friend had no idea.

5. One thing for sure. It was a damn cool tshirt. When we were younger, was it not a fascination and a reason for excitement to be able to hand draw the logos of your favorite bands on your school bags? I know I did. As for me, Helloween was the logo of choice.

6. Being art savvy myself, I sometimes would go to metal forums and drew logos for bands just for the sake of it. Who knows, if those bands got to be big, you'll be able to see on their album sleeve, Benign The Malaysian as the logo designer. Thats pretty cool.

7. Listed here are some of the logos that I made for fun. I dont ask for anything in return, just showing my support towards these bands in my own way.

Blood Legion.
Twilight Fauna
Qalaqas Black Art Production
Black Ash