DARK FUNERAL and Malaysian War Tour, the aftermath: 2 comments

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1. It has been a while since I felt so obliged to update this crappy blog. All apologies to those who have been visiting from time to time and finding nothing new posted here. You know who you are. Salute.

2. Well, of course the most recent hoopla about our beloved Malaysian metal scene these past few days was none other than the last minute cancellation of the much anticipated Malaysian War tour featuring the Swedish Black Metal legend, Dark Funeral.

3. Basically, Vokill Records was supposed to organize the tour and Dark Funeral was slated to perform on 4 dates in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Penang and Petaling Jaya in the supposed tour, from the time span of November 27th to December 1st.

4. Everything was set and good to go. The venues and sound system were supposedly have been booked and the organizer did in fact collected pre-sale tickets for all four shows. Everybody was looking forward for the great event. Metalheads came out of the woodwork infact just for this occasion. The band themselves, a crew of 9, flew to Kota Kinabalu in the hopes of entertaining their massive worshipers there in Sabahell.

5. Then, on the day of the show itself, it was canceled. The promoter was nowhere to be seen and was not communication friendly. 9 Swedish got stranded in Kota Kinabalu, with no where to go and no one to reach for. Thankfully, some of our Sabahell's Metalheads were there to welcome them with the news that the Kota Kinabalu show, for whatever reason, was canceled.

6. Now, I am not the one who would want to speculate nor am I here to pour diesel on a flaming fire of hatred (Wow, that should be a good title for a song. Fuck!), but I think I must agree with what A For Anomaly (Dissecting The Euphony) when he put it that this unfortunate event was the most horrible way for us Malaysian Metalheads to end 2012.

7. If Armageddon do in fact occur this coming December 21st, hey at least Vokill managed to screw Dark Funeral, thousands of local metalheads and put the name of Malaysian Metal scene in the deepest shit hole ever found in human history. Now thats an achievement.

8. I am fine with cancellation of shows and I know, promoting shows is not an easy business. But the idea of leaving your guests stranded in nowhere land does not sit well with me. That was just fucked up, dude. Not taking responsibility of your shits is one thing, but leaving them headless like that? Fuck, dude.

9. John Finberg, the bands agent gave a statement recently warning everybody about Vokill but at least I can sigh in relief that the band still wanted to come to Malaysia and perform under a more legitimate promoted. At least Malaysia were not swiped out of their tour radars. Well, at least at this moment.

10. I am not really a big Dark Funeral fan but I believe the band got legions and legions of loyal fans here, that would do anything to be given the opportunity to watch them perform live in front of their own very eyes. That is equivalent to the relationship I got with Helloween. If Weikath and co, do ever decide to come and tour Malaysia, I'll be the first in line to buy the tickets for all the shows.

11. I do not know what had happened behind the curtains and I am not going to speculate shits. At least Vokill came forward to apologize and my friends, that requires testicular fortitude but the I think the best thing to do for Vokill now, is to explain what had really happen and proceed with the refunding everybody. And I really hope that this issue can be resolved without any physical damage.

12. To Dark Funeral, I do hope you would want to come and play in Malaysia again. Horns up!