Top 5 Most Influential Malaysian Metal Album of All Time : CROMOK - Forever In Time. 5 comments

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Behold! Number 1 on the list of top 5 most influential Malaysian metal album of all time.

CROMOK - Forever In Time
Undeniably, this is, at least for us here at TheBulletBeltBlog, the numero uno most influential heavy metal record from Malaysia, Cromok's second album Forever In Time. Whether you like the band or not, it is an undeniable and difficult to dispute fact that without this album, which was released by EMI back in 1993, a lot of people would remain stuck with radio oriented hard rock for the rest of their lives, if not eventually turning into some disc hangin' jumpsuit wearin' YoYo sayin' rap aficionado.

Everybody knew the name and almost everybody knew the songs from this album, metalhead or no metalhead, especially the infamous "Another You" and "I Dont Belong Here". Cromok's brand of asiatic + oriental Thrash Metal comprises of aggressive and extremely heavy but yet very soothing asiatic melodic riffs, long and emotional guitar solos (harmonic most of the time) from Karl, semi growl vocals (whispery at times) by Sam and excruciatingly fast drum beats with crazy double paddle play through out each of their songs courtesy of Miji. The clear and professional production helps too.

Thus there you go, our top five all time most influential heavy metal records from Malaysia.    
5 Responses to 'Top 5 Most Influential Malaysian Metal Album of All Time : CROMOK - Forever In Time.'
  1. ohh... I thought it was Image of Purity.

  2. as awesome as image of purity was, in my opinion Malaysian were more familiar with FIT. And I mean, people in general. Lotsa people got introduced to metal through FIT, either by interest (long time fans) or curiosity (due to the infamous instrumentals).

    A true metalhead will probably appreciate IOP more than FIT, but for me at least, it was FIT that reaches out the most.

    It was a close battle between the two though Dr.Ben.

  3. me too Dr Ben...maybe IOP is more for older generation like me (iskh... :P)

    great list by the way.

  4. thank you bro..

  5. jangan lupa juga..kebanyakan kaki kaki metal tau lukis ini Cromok punya logo hahaha

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