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There are no updates because I am too busy reviving this fucked up shit. Who cares anyway.

Download: Filsufatia - Echoes of the Yonder [2010] 2 comments

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Filsufatia - Echoes of the Yonder [2010]

Filsufatia is my one man band. Since this is my blog, thus I shall seize this opportunity to put this up for download for the curious and interested. I have been constructing music for Filsufatia since 2006 with its first demo called "The Euphony of Regression". 2007 saw the release of Filsufatia's second demo "Tahyul" while in 2008 a third demo was released in the form of "Myan Luradh". I managed to find some time to write some songs and went on to release Filsufatia's fourth demo titled "Immortalis" which was re-released by some friends in Carnage Music in a physical professional CD-R format.

Oh, did I mention that all the releases were released as free downloads? Yes, all the demos were released as free downloads except the one with Carnage Music. earlier this year, i was toying around with the idea of changing the name of the project to Deep. I kept the name for a few months and even went on to change the MySpace address. Later a blogger friend advised me to change it since there are like 7 more other bands of different genre using the same name.

Thus I have decided to change the moniker back to Filsufatia and the songs that I have wrote for Deep are now in this Fifth demo for Filsufatia which I name "Echoes of the Yonder". This demo contains 4 songs with 1 melancholic intro. If you like melancholic black metal-isque instrumentals then why not give this one a try?

Bands - Master Jedi Promo Review: 2 comments

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I got the package today. I would like to Thank Bentara for sending me a copy of the promo. Bentara, formerly known as Batara Guru, was the founder and the original guitarist of the now legendary black death metal band, Langsuyr, a celebrated band in the local metal circle, renowned for co founding a new sub genre for extreme metal, the eastern metal. The band pioneered the incorporation of Malay folklores, myths and mysticism into heavy metal particularly Black Metal, which at that time gave a gasp of inspiring breath of fresh air to the Malaysian Metal, even just for a short period of time.

Bentara quits Langsuyr in the midst of the production of their second full length and went on to venture new projects of his own and this one man band called Bentara was one of it.

The promo contains 3 riffy black metal-isque tracks. “Penasaran”, “Master Jedi” and “Jebat”. The sound was extremely horrible to my ears. The guitars were muddy and raw due to the unmastered home production and I never fancied drum machines either. The vocals were high in the mix and it was repulsive. Bentara was like trying to sound extreme in his singing but at the same time suppressing his voice so that he would not make too much noise and disturb his household.

Among other things that abhorred me were the lyrics. To be honest, I never thought that I would see the day to hear the word Chewbacca in a metal song. That made my day. Attracted? No. Possibility of thinking that the song was recorded as a joke? Yes. All in all, 12 minutes of agony.

Now, having said that, I think the sound quality should be extremely enhanced. You have to understand that it would be normal if a raw black metal band sounds like a raw black metal band which is ugly and hideous because that’s how they were suppose to sound. But the sound of the promo will left people confused. Why does it have to sound like that? Charging people money for it is out of the question in my honest opinion.

I loved the harmonic riffs because in a way it reminds me of Langsuyr’s dark and long swirling riffs. But the guitar sound should be more comprehensible and maybe a little bit of sharpness thrown in would not harm anyone. Maybe more on the trebly sound rather then the bassy tone which were neither extreme nor heavy.

Lose the drum machines or at least get a compatible drum fonts software like EZ Drummer (Drummer from Hell Kit) for FlStudio or the drum RSE2 for Guitar Pro. But sometimes it is not really about the sound of the drum machine; it’s how you arrange it. I love how Sil Khannaz manipulated the drum machine in their Pendita Gila EP. It all goes down to the compatibility of the drum machine sound with the music because to me drum machines would be far more appropriate to enhance the groove rather than being the back bone of a song, especially metal songs.

With regard to the vocals, I suggest that Bentara try using vocal effects because, man you sounded horrible. As for the lyrics, I know that you are trying something new which is good but sometimes the listeners need time to adapt and figure out what is going on with the lyrics and most of the time they do not have the time to be patient.

In general, people will only listen to what they want to listen and Metal fans, whether we like it or not, are like the people in general, they have expectations, favorites and personal preferences and I doubt that they prefer to listen to metal songs about Pokemons.

Visit Bentara at his blog to get the information on how you can get a copy of this promo. Support your local metal music. The contents were my honest opinion and opinions may differ. Experience it yourself.

Tribute - In remembrance of Pink of Silent Death: 1 comments

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It was announced on Silent Death's Facebook page a few days ago that the band's original guitarist, Zulfikar Ismail, widely known as Pink to the Malaysian metal scene, has passed away. Alongside Stone (Bassist, Vocalist), another founding member of the now legendary death metal band, Pink founded Silent Death (formerly known as Bacteria) back in 1987. You will be missed. Rest in peace brother. Alfatihah.

Download: Dark Live Collection [1993] no comments

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While attempting to finish this entry, I listened to Sauts Alastor, the Grand Executor album which was released by Nebiula Production in the year 2000. A remarkable elite black metal squadron hailing from Subang, Selangor. I like this EP very much. The band managed to incorporate rich and profound melodic chops due to the extensive use of keyboards and synths into the grim and evil Emperor-isque Scandanavian sound. Soothing to my ears as far as I am concerned.

Having said that, this is one more hard to find Malaysian Metal compilation and this one was called Dark Live Collection. This compilation was released in 1993 by a now defunct local label, the legendary Dark Journey Records. Dark Journey Records was one of the first pioneering extreme metal record labels in Malaysia. Valentine Sound Production and Sonic Asylum were also another two worth mentioning Malaysian record labels who were bold enough to produce and distribute local metal albums at that time.

Anyway, this compilation featured 6 Malaysian extreme metal bands: Silent Death (Death Metal), Brain Dead (by this time they were experimenting with a darker version of Death Metal), Nemesis (thrash metal), Catarrh (the earliest version of Malaysian porn death metal?), Tormentor (Death Metal to my ears) and Nebiras (Black Metal).

Both Silent Death and Brain Dead, the two towers of Malaysian Death Metal, had already been reformed recently with the former is currently in the studio and is set to release their new album. Nemesis was disbanded with the front man went on to form a Roots era Sepultura rip off band, Koffin Kanser. Tormentor was also disbanded without living any trace thereafter with the drummer went on to drum for a few metal bands, Sil Khannaz and Slum Scum and a few commercial rock bands, XPDC and DefGabC before joining a local cult and disappeared not to be heard again. Ive already talked about Nebiras when I posted the Intrusion compilation whereas Catarrh went on to release a few EPs afterward.

I found the compilation on the internet and I do believe it was ripped from the cassette version thus be warned that the sound quality of this material may not be that audio friendly. I have the cassette version but I am too lazy to rip it.

Silent Death: Facebook
Braindead: Myspace | Facebook
Koffin Kanser: MySpace | Facebook
Catarrh: Myspace

Name: Dark Live Collection Compilation
Label: Dark Journey Records
Size: 6.7mb
Year: 1993
Bands: Brain Dead, Silent Death, Nemesis, Catarrh, Nebiras and Tormentor.


Rant - Another Hectic Malaysian day: no comments

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I at present am stuck with Overkill’s 2010 album Ironbound. It is in my book, one of the best sounding metal albums so far for this year. The guitars were clean, heavy and chunky and the drums sounded amazing and the iconic Bobby Blitz never sounded better than in Ironbound. A fast and furious album indeed it is, a billion times superior then their scrawny little album, Immortalis (or Metallica’s Death Magnetic so to speak) which was released in 2007. Having said that…

I have been busy for the past few weeks with my myriad of never-ending and bludgeoning cases thus the reason for the lack of updates in TheBulletBelt recently. I am still doing my weekly browsing of any innovative and fresh sounding Malaysian heavy metal bands to promote to the whole wide world regardless of the hectic time schedule though.

I will be preparing a couple of classic Malaysian metal albums for downloads in the nearest of time and for those metalheads out there who have been on the tenterhooks that I will be putting up local metal stuff online, please accept my request for forgiveness. I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I am not going to turn this blog into a download blog. All the albums that have been or will be featured in this blog are the classic landmark albums, deemed fit to introduce the world to the Malaysian heavy metal sound. I do not take requests but I do take suggestions.

The latest mouth watering brouhaha for the local metalheads was the Vokill Record’s Vokill Fest gig that will be held at One CafĂ© Kuala Lumpur, next month, 1.8.2010 to be exact. The Malaysian black metal godz, Black Fire will be headlining. The legendary Ipoh death metal band Profane Creation and Kuala Lumpur’s own black metal battalion Aradia will also be performing. The other bands that were listed to play were Dark Nirrajim, Infernal Void, Hayagriva, Farasu, Ensemble of Silence, Vetis, Demonical Crisis Assembly, Nefarious Azarak and surprise surprise, Vermillion.