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Filsufatia - Echoes of the Yonder [2010]

Filsufatia is my one man band. Since this is my blog, thus I shall seize this opportunity to put this up for download for the curious and interested. I have been constructing music for Filsufatia since 2006 with its first demo called "The Euphony of Regression". 2007 saw the release of Filsufatia's second demo "Tahyul" while in 2008 a third demo was released in the form of "Myan Luradh". I managed to find some time to write some songs and went on to release Filsufatia's fourth demo titled "Immortalis" which was re-released by some friends in Carnage Music in a physical professional CD-R format.

Oh, did I mention that all the releases were released as free downloads? Yes, all the demos were released as free downloads except the one with Carnage Music. earlier this year, i was toying around with the idea of changing the name of the project to Deep. I kept the name for a few months and even went on to change the MySpace address. Later a blogger friend advised me to change it since there are like 7 more other bands of different genre using the same name.

Thus I have decided to change the moniker back to Filsufatia and the songs that I have wrote for Deep are now in this Fifth demo for Filsufatia which I name "Echoes of the Yonder". This demo contains 4 songs with 1 melancholic intro. If you like melancholic black metal-isque instrumentals then why not give this one a try?
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  1. Wa rasa artwork cantik tapi tak kena konteks.Not depressing enough.

  2. Hehehe.. thanks bro.. tak dapat depressive, melancholic pun jadi la bro.

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