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1- Ideologies can sometimes be sickening. No shit. In Malaysia, if you were not segregated by partisan political allegiance, you will definitely separated by pseudo modern philosophical ideologies. Come on man. Do not let petty fights on ideologies ruin your God given rights to listen to some good ol' metal.

2- I never associated myself with any ideologies and I dont really give a fuck about others. If you are either an elite anarcho band or a fuckin Nazi band, if your music is good, your music is good. End of story. Almost all traditional black metal freaks out there worshiped fuckin Burzum. Burzum's 2010 "Belus" album was supposed to be called "The White God". Go fuckin figure. But we still feasted our ears with Burzum. Why? Because Burzum fuckin rock! It was a fuckin' awesome band. Fuck all these stupid ideologies and fuck all those politically correct assholes out there. Go listen to some fuckin Burzum.

3- Unless these bands try to be some fascist assholes and force their stupid ideologies onto me, only then this middle finger of mine shall be shown. I am not interested with your stupid ideologies and you can go fuck yourself. 

Rants - New Releases. 1 comments

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1- It's hard to browse for new bands nowadays thus the lack of updates on bands. I used to browse myspace on daily basis to find something to write about for this blog, but since they have changed the lay out and what not, I find browsing myspace a frustrating experience. Oh well.

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2- Just to let you know that a Sarawak Melodic Metal band by the name of Kherrow has released an eight track album titled Bintang Timoer. I have heard of that name before but can't quite remember where, when and why. From a compilation maybe?

3- A bit bout the band: Kherrow was formed somewhere in the year 2000 and the current line for Bintang Timoer is Pricilla - Vocals (yes, a she. A very cute she), Zizie - Guitars, Muss - Guitars and Afdzal - Drums. Do they have any bassists? I have no idea.  

4- I have listened to the 8 tracks snippets via the bands facebook and all I can deduct from that short preview was melodic death metal. The drums were high in the mix thus making it a bit percussive whereas the guitars were a bit crispy for my taste. But it was really really a short preview so I reserve my review and stand corrected if necessary. 

5- Contact the band via their Facebook page HERE 

Rants: Galneryus. 2 comments

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1- Sorry, the previous post was supposed to be my short review of Galneryus. But it was so much fun writing about the opening gigs for 2011, I totally have forgotten about poor old Galneryus.

2- Somewhere in December last year, I feasted my ears to Galneryus newest album, Resurrection. Galneryus is a Speed Metal/Neo-Classical/Power Metal band from Japan. If you love Malmsteen and guitar shreds and licks with pop melodies in high pitch, then you should give this band a try. Go and youtube their albums before you buy (read: download) their albums.

3- In actuality, I have heard about the band before but at that time I was too quick too dismiss the band for being one of too many Japanese Visual Kei bands that roamed the scene back in the early 90's. Or so I thought.

4- Not that I have any problems with Visual Kei bands. X Japan is one of my favorite band of all time. It was the fact that almost all Japanese Heavy Metal bands that was introduced to me by the trust worthy internet, tend to adopt the Visual Kei style and produced shitty music that made me quick too dismiss any unknown bands from the land of the rising sun. But I was wrong with Galneryus.

5- Galneryus, well at least their latest album, showcase pure power metal complete with the epic feeling and heroic chants. And when you thought, the guitar was already enough, get a load of the keyboard  Crazy! I should state that this is the only keyboard solo that I really liked and did not sound gay. Awesome. Give this one a try.  

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1- Happy belated new year to all fellow headbangers and metalheads, Malaysia and world wide. How's everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus and thank you for still visiting Thebulletbelt. It was cool to know that this blog is still getting visitors despite the lack of new updates and entries.  Kudos.

2- Hopefully 2011 will be a good year for the Malaysian heavy metal scene and let us hope that this year we can see more awesome releases from the local bands. I heard that the long anticipated Silent Death, eerily titled "The Silent Kiss of Death" will be released soon. Hopefully the long wait would be of some worth. What's taking them so long anyway?

3- Malaysian Metal scene celebrated the new year with Warmageddon Gig on 1.1.11 featuring a very very impressive line up of Demisor, Mandatory, Damien and Humiliation with a few other bands. It has been a while the last time I heard of Mandatory, the Melodic Death Metal brigade from Penang. What about Damien? I thought that band was just a one off project band and here they are, opening 2011 with desecration of kambings and biri-biris on stage. Let's not talk about humiliation. They fuckin rock!

4- On the 29.1.2011, another gig will commence, Kuala Lumpur Thrashed, with another impressive and international line to cater the Mat-Mat Thrash's dying need to headbang and fist pump. Tandus has returned. Remember that awesome "Logam Maut" EP? Fuckin incredible. Others in the line up is IronFist (s'pore), Infernal Curse (Argentina), Killing Fields (Thailand), Wartillery (Brunei) and few other local acts. Get yourself ready.

5- On the same date, Penang will be hosting a gig called Uprising III. Too many metalcore bands. Do. Not. Like. But on 5.2.2011, you will be getting your chance to headbang to the magical opuses of As Sahar and Samartary when both of these groups will be playing in Demi Darah Dan Maruah Patriot gig in KL.

6- Awesome.