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Maqabir - Cold, Blackness & Death
Maqabir was formed somewhere in the end of the year 2012 with the release of their debut demo titled Danse Macabre. Maqabir is a solo project of its main mastermind, Nath. After the release of their debut, Maqabir began to release a few more titles in the form of Ars Moriend (EP 2013) "Maqbara" (Tape 2013) which was released by the Ukrainian label, Depressive Illusions Records, "Endless Darkness" (Unreleased Demo 2012), "In Memoriam" (Experimental LP 2013) along with a few Singles and unofficial release under their mighty bullet belt. 

Besides their official releases, Maqabir was also featured in various compilation in the likes of Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.13, Darkest Side of Life and Death, and Jericho Vol.13 - The Book Of Life. Musically, Maqabir plays Black Instru-Metal, Dark Ambient and the amalgamation of both, with darkness, depression and death as its main themes. According to Nath, this special promo "Cold, Blackness & Death" was released to promote and introduce the band through webzines, blogs and any other available cyber world channels.

Artist: Maqâbir
Title : Cold, Blackness & Death
Format: Digital Demo 2013, .mp3 128kbps
Label : Self-released
Length: 24:40 minutes
1. Cold Death of the Earth (demo version) - 4:28
2. Obscure Prevails - 4:00
3. Maqbara - 4:07
4. Ars Moriendi (demo version) - 5.36
5. Funeral Depression (demo version) - 6.29

Nath - all compositions, instruments, programming & recordings

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