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1. The band emailed me some information about the band the other day. Today I went and pay their facebook page a visit out of curiosity and I was immediately intrigued, first by the awesome logo, next by the proposed artwork for their debut release and later, although a bit mildly at that particular moment, by their music. Malapetaka is a new four piece Death Thrash band from the ever so muddy banks of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The component of the band comprised of Ashok on the guitar, Alias on bass, Boon on vocals and Azmer on drums.

2. What I love about the band is that there are a few stints of originality stamped all over their songs especially on the leads department. You must give this band a listen to appreciate the solos. Javanese melody driven guitar solos, and that my friend is originality in my book. 

3. Some of you might give them a smirk for incorporating eastern metal influences in their music but ask yourself, are there any local bands that have ever managed to exploit the true depth and potential of eastern metal to its fullest since the As Sahar and Langsuyr days? The answer would be an obvious no.

4. Playing wise, I think they need to improve on the synchronicity of the guitars because, man its all over the place. The bass was a bit high and rumbling on the mix which is good, but the lack of uniformity in the riff department made the bass somewhat out of place. But the songs which I base my judgments on were from a three track demo and since its just a demo, I shall not give them a hard time about it. I can not wait for their EP. Labels out there, give this band a try.

5. Lend your support. Visit them now.

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