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1- It's hard to browse for new bands nowadays thus the lack of updates on bands. I used to browse myspace on daily basis to find something to write about for this blog, but since they have changed the lay out and what not, I find browsing myspace a frustrating experience. Oh well.

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2- Just to let you know that a Sarawak Melodic Metal band by the name of Kherrow has released an eight track album titled Bintang Timoer. I have heard of that name before but can't quite remember where, when and why. From a compilation maybe?

3- A bit bout the band: Kherrow was formed somewhere in the year 2000 and the current line for Bintang Timoer is Pricilla - Vocals (yes, a she. A very cute she), Zizie - Guitars, Muss - Guitars and Afdzal - Drums. Do they have any bassists? I have no idea.  

4- I have listened to the 8 tracks snippets via the bands facebook and all I can deduct from that short preview was melodic death metal. The drums were high in the mix thus making it a bit percussive whereas the guitars were a bit crispy for my taste. But it was really really a short preview so I reserve my review and stand corrected if necessary. 

5- Contact the band via their Facebook page HERE 
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