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1- Ideologies can sometimes be sickening. No shit. In Malaysia, if you were not segregated by partisan political allegiance, you will definitely separated by pseudo modern philosophical ideologies. Come on man. Do not let petty fights on ideologies ruin your God given rights to listen to some good ol' metal.

2- I never associated myself with any ideologies and I dont really give a fuck about others. If you are either an elite anarcho band or a fuckin Nazi band, if your music is good, your music is good. End of story. Almost all traditional black metal freaks out there worshiped fuckin Burzum. Burzum's 2010 "Belus" album was supposed to be called "The White God". Go fuckin figure. But we still feasted our ears with Burzum. Why? Because Burzum fuckin rock! It was a fuckin' awesome band. Fuck all these stupid ideologies and fuck all those politically correct assholes out there. Go listen to some fuckin Burzum.

3- Unless these bands try to be some fascist assholes and force their stupid ideologies onto me, only then this middle finger of mine shall be shown. I am not interested with your stupid ideologies and you can go fuck yourself. 
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  1. respect each other.

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