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r1- I guess it has been a custom for me to start a new post with "It Has Been A While" nowadays. Admittedly, I've neglected this blog (and blogging activities altogether) for quite some time now. I noticed that there are actually people who follows TheBulletBelt and frequently visits this blog from time to time in the look out for the latest Malaysian heavy metal news. Sorry man. I'm just too fucking busy.

2- Well, on the hand, it's MySpace fault man. You know, with their new not that much of a user friendly template that made my surfing and browsing a hell of an experience (not in a good way), I sorta gave up looking for new bands to promote. It's just too fucking agonizing. Fuck MySpace. While I'm at it, fuck Facebook too for not providing a better platform for bands to promote their music. But from another point of view, what is it there to promote? Young metalcore asswipes kept on releasing albums, the local "real" metalbands kept on waiting for another Metalcamp Gig to attend without releasing any single shit. Come on, step up to the fucking plate will ya. Thank God for Humiliation.

3- I had been contemplating for quite sometime now about changing the language of this blog. I dont know. Should I start posting in Bahasa or should I keep the current medium? When I started this blog back in 2009, my one and only objective was to promote Malaysian bands to a whole new international crowd. I dont know man, is it me or the scene just kinda died out. Hey lazy fuckers, release something man. A demo, a rehearsal tape like in the good ol' days, you know, what ever. Just release something. Wormrot is fucking conquering Europe and Malaysian bands are still playing jam fucking sessions. Fuck!
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  1. reverbnation.com is the new!

    Pos la apa bahasa pun janji updated selalu hahaha...

  2. Dr ben... dah dapat Ph.D. Congrats bang sam.

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