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Irotori in action

I have already posted a lengthy post on this young and talented progressive metal band from Kuala Lumpur. Their first song Winds of Pain they posted last year stormed my nerves like nobody's business. While browsing the youtube recently, I just learned that they have recorded a second song and i can get enough of the song, damn it. The second song was called Vitreous minus the vocals. Wow! just fucking wow! I loved the vocals they did in Winds of Pain and i guess if the vocals were added into Vitreous, it shall definitely be a complete headbanging masterpiece since the vocals had this grim quality that may put fucking Abbath into the fucking gallows. If there are any international record labels out there who wants a good investment then you should definitely check this band out. I have already got people from as far as Germany asking about them. Highly recommended!

Listen to IROTORI - Vitreous.
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