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ARKHAYTULMAYT - Evening Flight Demo [1999]

1- Evening Flight
2- Apparition in the Forest of Archaic
3- Pusaka of the Lord of Forestry
4- Just The Beginning

Arkhaytul Mayt: Website | EncMetallum

Name: Evening Flight Demo
Label: Independent
Size: 17.5 mb
Year: 1999
Band: ArkhaytulMayt.
Genre: Black Metal / Eastern Metal
Country: Selangor, Malaysia.

Password: malaysianmetal
2 Responses to 'Download: Arkhaytul Mayt - Evening Flight.'
  1. thanks for this. Will grab when free.

  2. Found it on the internet.. khazanah ni... too bad tak banyak yang boleh trace. Back in the 90s i was till a sekolah menengah student. Didnt have the luxury of money to buy all these demos..

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