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PEREK KASI GEREK –Cynically Fast Runaway CD (2011)
Nincompoops Kids Records

When I got the CD, there was a stern warning on the sleeve stating that the CD contains non breakdown riffing, I immediately thanked God. This band is from Sungai Petani playing fun thrashy hardcore punk schooling everybody not to take everything so seriously all the time and this 11 track of a CD is fucking amazing. I love the clear sound and the attitude. Its fun, crazy sometimes retarded but without spoiling the sound. The lyrics dealt with hilarious topics, from poking fun at Straight Edgers to Gudang Garam cigarettes, Japanese cartoons and a fat boy. Yes, you read that correctly. A fat boy. Contact the band via     

ALWAYS LAST – Antidotes CD (2009)
Nervhous Records | Piss Art Records | Embrace Records

I am way behind in keeping track with the latest local releases. This one was released back in 2009. Always Last plays fast and highly infectious sing-along fat wreck chords punk rock and this is one awesome release. Containing 15 songs including an outro, this CD is total value for money. It came with a nice booklet for the brilliant lyrics too. The first song, I was chilled to the bones with the Queen-esque operatic harmonies; I knew I was in for a good treat and I was not dissapointed. The sound quality was top notch on par with the band’s brilliant song writing and arrangements. Shout out to the drummer for the awesome footwork. One word, brilliant. My favorite song? The semi acoustic track number 13, Aaina Kameilia (the aftermath). Wait, there’s a hidden acoustic track? Fuck you Always Last, for writing such a beautiful song. Email the band at    

CARBON 4’TEEN/T.I.M – Cto-Soldier And The Promise Land Split (2010)
Red Ink Entertainment | Piss Art Records

Carbon 4’Teen is a punk band from Pontian, Johor playing fast melodic punk rock while T.I.M is a band from the muddy banks of Kuala Lumpur playing this weird hybrid of technical metal and jazzy punk rock with the virtuosity of Japanese visual kei guitarists. Yes, weird and I totally dig T.I.M. The CD contains 10 songs with each band contributing 5 songs each. I am really im pressed with T.I.M actually. The songs were really, really well written and the guitarist really shreds on the 6 strings. The drums were obviously programmed but that does not hinder my enjoyment at all even though I usually despise drum machines. I guess, it would all depend on how you arrange your songs and man, T.I.M really did it for me. All I could think of was this awesome blend of the complexity of jazz and the ferocious speed of punk and the sheer heaviness of metal. Did I mention that the singer can really sing? Yes, the guy can really sing. I recommend this because you really need to listen to T.I.M. This is fucking outside the box man. Awesome! Contact the band via and   

PUSHER – Our Beloved City of the Dead CD (2010)
Knot Records

Pusher is a renowned punk band from Shah Alam playing this politically charged punk rock with plentiful flavor of reggae all over the place. This CD contains 9 songs including a bonus track taken from their 1999 demo. I am not really a fan of the Clash but the sound quality on this CD is pretty awesome. You got the 70’s buzzsaw guitars and the distorted crunchy rhythm well mixed and balanced. The bass was audible while the drums were clean, clear and crispy and this was done without losing that raw, organic snare and bass drum sound that I loved so much. Music wise, it took me a little while to get used to it though. Maybe I am too used to all those MTV punk sound to really appreciate the sheer brilliance of this piece of music. My lost though. Contact the band via or

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