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Until The Light Takes Us, Audrey Ewell & Aaron Aites.

I have managed to watch this yesterday and as a huge fan of documentary flicks and black metal music in general, I was quite disappointed with how "Until The Light Takes Us" turned out to be. In fact when I first heard the rumors about the making of this documentary a couple of years before its actual production, I was quite reserved as to how they're going to pull this off. Disappointed but I think I kind of saw that was coming.

I must admit that I am not really a big fan of the earlier Norwegian black metal music due to lack of exposure and to the fact that I could not really bring myself to tolerate with the lo-fi sound production, the gritty cold sound opted and championed by most of the bands from that era, although I have to say that I have always been a snotty fan of Immortal and the earlier stuff by Emperor. I have always been fascinated with the controversies though, thus the reason why I’ve made myself endure this time consuming piece of frog crap.

The phase was too sluggish. There were quite a number of scenes which I regard as absolutely unnecessary, absolute waste of time and contributed absolutely nothing to content of the documentary. For example, the part where they filmed the mighty Fenriz in a black metal art exhibition or the part where they filmed Frost doing some silly pantomime while cutting himself open and shocked some Greek teenage emo girls.

Do not miss the part where they found a crazy hobo, dressed that poor fucker with a leather jacket, corpse paint and all, and filmed that buffon doing a tap dance routine to a gothic score, headbang, metal horns and all. What does that got to do with black metal? I have no fucking idea.

Basically, UTLTU is a documentary about the Norwegian Black Metal music scene, its history and its world renowned notoriety. If you are fascinated with the myriads of myths behind that celebrated scene, you might want to check this out just for fun. But if you are looking for in depth researches and investigations, I would simply recommend you to go and read Lord of Chaos.

Well, for a kick, you will be able to see Abbath and Demonaz, a whole chunk of Fenriz, a whole chunk Varg Vikernes, Some chunk of Frost, Hellhammer, Garm, Faust and some other names you might recognize. Dont forget Tony the tap dancing black metal clown.
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  1. i was also dissapointed with this. i had high regard for it. it was more kind of 'artsy' than anything.

    mostly focussed on varg & fenriz and to some extent frost.

    the interviews were good, but no narration like global metal etc.

    the story of anvil was wayyyyy better

    black metal ist kreig

  2. yes bro... i second your opinion.. the story of anvil is like light years ahead from this piece of shit..

    but maybe due to the fact that Sacha Gervasi was a prominent hollywood figure.

  3. kena tengok anvil punya doc macam ni...

  4. ANVIL punya dokumentari memang best bro... pastu boleh terus baca buku dia untuk kisah anvil dengan lebih detail..

    dalam movie tak banyak citer pasal zaman zaman rock kangkang, tapi dalam buku lengkap.

  5. abg ben, cerita anvil mmg buat hg menangis, senyum, gelak, kesian suma ada. mmg best!!

    p carik kat piratebay

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