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Punah Ranah
1- Punah Ranah is a political grindcore + brutal death metal band from the muddy banks of Kuala Lumpur. Punah Ranah (a malay word for Collateral Damage) consists of Epul (growls and shrieks), Azan (Guitars and shrieks), Ashie (drums) and Bess (Bass). I believe the band will be recording and releasing a proper record pretty much soon I guess. Their debut two live tracks promo have been circulating through out the net for quite some time now. Search for it your self, fuckers.

2- There are 3 songs in their Myspace page and man the songs were heavy. The first song, R.M.P.P, started with some radio excerpts before the heavy guitars came down plundering the earhole of any unsuspecting assholes with your typical five fast notes of grinding riff with a nice chugging parts at the end of the riff. Headbangable. The second song, Trichuris Retaliation, was supposed to be a live song. If it was really a live recording then I am impressed. The guitars were heavy. The vocals? Your typical cookie monster growls doubled with your typical banshee shrieks. Typical from top to bottom but give this one a chance.

3- Visit the band at their Myspace page:   
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  1. dude..thanks for supporting! i don't know abt this blog until one of my friends told me that you wrote and review something abt us..thank you very much dude! btw, all of our song that you've been listened to is live recorded.there's no track-by track thingy..and we hope to record in a proper way next time. btw, our first live ep "first chapter of killing process" is out now! do check it out! haha! thanks again dude and have a blast! azan & PUNAHRANAH

    p/s: do check our facebook too..

  2. oh and btw, epool is no longer with us since january 2011..due to some commitment problem. his part now replace by bess, also the bassist for our band..thanks :)

  3. \m/

  4. Thanks for droppping by my man... Keep us updated here k... Looking forward to hear more from you guys..

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