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Besides being influenced, most of the time, musically and rarely, attitude wise by international heavy metal bands from all around the world, there were a few heavy metal records of diverse genre, which in my book, that can be considered as highly influential towards the development of the Malaysian heavy metal scene in general. It was these heavy metal masterpieces that, in my opinion, helped develop and mold the Malaysian heavy metal scene to be what it is today. Opinion may vary, but this is my list of top 5 most influential Malaysian heavy metal record. We start with number 5:

HERRIOT - Celestial Obelisk
Try and ask any Malaysian Metalcore bands nowadays what their influenced are, amongst all that crappy American new wave of heavy metal bands in the likes of Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold and what not, they will definitely mention Herriot, a local melodic death metal hero that may had been born in a wrong country, as one of their main influence. Celestial Obelisk EP was one of the most important heavy metal album in Malaysia, introducing Gothenberg melodic death metal to the local audience. As any In Flames, Dark Tranquility or Soilwork earlier albums, this 4 song EP was filled with dual guitar harmonies and innocent crunchy riffs scattered all over the place, while the vocals delivers a passionate and angry wrathful screaming growls. A hell of a release.
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  1. a great album. Sound gitar memang kelas.

  2. am very proud to drum for them...hehehehehe

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