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1- Malaysia The Darkness Production is one of the few newer independent label in Malaysia. The latest release from MTD production as far as I am aware of is a demo CD from a band called The Temerity, a black metal foursome from the island of Penang. You can browse Facebook for Malaysia The Darkness or MTD production page and book the demo there.

2- The words in the flyer actually says, and I translate: The Temerity - Khayalan Syaitan Demo ("Satan's lust" in Malay), a demo from a band from Penang playing Eastern Black Death Metal. The demo contains 4 original songs and the lyrics were entirely in Malay. The price is RM6 a pop and the production is limited to 66 copies only. Book yours now, people.
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  1. I think the right translation should be Satan's Dream or Satan's Fantasy. Lust should be nafsu in Malay.

  2. fantasy, i think is better. tapi a bit girlish and unicornish. hehehe thank you for the correction Dr Ben

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