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In Torment
How are you and In Torment these days? 
Im fine here thank you. About IN TORMENT, not so well now. We've been re-formating members and as for now, the only commited members is just me and Bai Grinder.
Can you please brief the readers about the formation of In Torment, the current line up and the releases so far? Any new materials that we can expect in the near future?
I think we started around 2001, jamming and so. we start as a death metal band. before, all ov us originally from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. after years ov surviving and line-up changes, the last show consist ov me and Kemma (guitars) from KB, Bai Grinder (drums) from Shah Alam and Devoured (Vox/Bass) from Singapore. Due to commitments and so, now it is only me and Bai Grinder. we release couple ov demo's and promo's. included in some compilations but no albums so far. looking forward to do so in near future.
In Torment plays fast, intense brutal death metal. Why this genre? What made In Torment different from other brutal death metal bands? 
Brutal death metal now falls into more variety ov sub-genres. i dont consider it brutal death metal in any way. we just play death metal with more blasting and faster riffs because we like it. the term extreme is far more linear to us. many bands nowadays plays far more intensely brutal than us. they used to label Krisiun, Nile a brutal death metal band but not anymore and now Disgorge and Defeated Sanity are. with a lot ov sub-genres goin on, people cant really define what is brutal death metal nowadays.

You guys have been playing shows all over malaysia. Hows the acceptance of the audience so far?
We dont give a damn about the acceptance ov the audience. we play what we want to play. we dont play just to please others. if its only two people came forward at our shows, hell yeahhh!! we've been thru everything ever since. mineral bottle thrown at us, middle fingers, we dont give a damn! punk show, indie shows, private party, formal gatherings, metal shows, bike week shows, we play it all.

The heavy metal scene back in Kota Bharu Kelantan is developing rapidly. Can you name any good new bands from Kelantan thats worth checking? I know those Horrified dudes plays this awesome metal with a bit of rocknroll riffs here and there.
Yup, its good to hear some potential bands from Kota Bharu mainly and yes, Kelantan formally. lots ov bands everyone needs to check out! DARKREGIME, INCARCERATE, SLAUGHTERSOUL, OMEN, SACRED IMPIRIUM, POLONG, and so on. and yes, HORRYFIED is a good metal band. i think they play metal+some metalcore as well in their veins. junior crowds envy them in every shows. its great.
If I got my facts right, you got a metal shop back in kota bharu? Any possibilities for other local bands to send their materials for your shop? If so, how can they do that?
Hahaha. no more metal shop for now. its a long story. u can guess it out I think. People dont buy metal stuff at metal shops nowadays. They prefer buying it online.

Any last shout outs man? How can the readers contact In Torment?
Thanx to u for this short interview. to all who believe in our existence, we salute u. for those who want to contact us, just hit us at or maybe hit me directly at cheers!!!
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