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ZARQUUM/GODA - The Cryptic Aesthetic Split

1. I got the CD for quite sometime now. Basically this split CD, which was released by Demigod Records showcased 2 worthy bands from two not so different sub-genres. Both Zarquum and Goda played death metal while the former preferred the brutal and technical brand, the later opted the more melodic approach but both bands still retained the level of aggression and madness quite well equally. Six tracks altogether with three songs each.

2. Let us start with Zarquum. Again, I have written something about them earlier. Three songs were offered and I enjoyed all three of them with track number 2 being my favorite. There are a couple of riffs that I liked in that song and I personally adored the keyboard/synth layer in the later stage of the song. There were a lot of  notes being thrown around to highlight the brutal and technical aggression, the solos were sick although I have to say that that kind of solos were not really my cup of tea. 

3. Despite the songs were well arranged, the rhythm guitars were a bit too trebly thus killing the sense of heaviness and crunch for the songs. Maybe it was intended to sound that way, I do not know but having the vocals go through some type of distortion does not help to ease the shear blister that my ears had to go through. Sometime it sounded like it was recorded inside a wooden box with the third song by Zarquum, Fana, being the best example. The drum and bass (almost non existent) parts were low in the mix thus making the songs very guitar driven. The drums does not give you any room to breath, like, at all. 

4. Goda or Genocide Overkill Destruction Annihilation played the brand of death metal that is more friendly to my ears. Heavy and groove driven, the elements in a death metal record that I personally appreciate and love. The guitar sounded heavy and crispy as fuck with decent solos here and there. Guitar harmonies were beautifully placed. The rhythm parts on the left pan were equally balanced with the lead guitars on the right and I love the beautifully panned mix (not in that order for some songs). It felt organic.  

5. The bass is there but again, too low in the mix for my taste and for me to fully appreciate. I guess if they can put up the bass higher in the mix it would provide a heavier and groovier sound and that would definitely help expanding the sound of the songs a little bit more, not to mention that it will also help highlight the drum department. The drums, execution wise, were excellent. The mix were sometimes balanced between the sheer heaviness of the rhythm section and the vocals, although at times I have to say that the snare sound would seem a bit lost every time the vocals came attacking. 

6. I have to praise the song structures for Goda especially in Sakhnat Ainulbanat, the last song on the CD There were a lot of parts that would make your head automatically bang. I guess the main culprit should be pointed to the extensive palm muted riff exercises through out the song while some thrash riffs were included to destroy the crowd, if performed live.

7. Out of these two good bands, I have to prefer Goda over Zarquum simply due to the fact that my ears were more equipped for the melodic and groovier stuff, but tastes and preferences may vary. Both are good in what they do. A good split release indeed. 
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