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1. I guess each and every time I post a new entry for this wretched blog, I need to start with "wow, it has been a while since I update this blog". And a while it has been indeed. But I need to keep this blog going since I still owe a friend of mine a blog post for his band. I contemplated switching the contents of this blog from english to Malay but looking at the number of visits I got, I guess I will stick with english for the time being. Lets get down to business. I am going to review Ajal's Odd Circle.

AJAL - Odd Oracle Demo 2010
2. I think I have written something about Ajal in a previous post somewhere before but that was merely to introduce the band to you. Here it is the 2010 demo called Odd Oracle.

4. Judging from the sound from the CD, Ajal plays decent thrash metal with whispery black metal vocals. Most of the songs, well all of the songs started with excerpts from movies or news. The crashing thunderous first chord for the first song and the fourth song came complete with out-of-tune introductory solos. A few seconds later, your typical thrash chops and riffs came galloping down. 

5- The sound of the guitar is way too murky for my taste. The bass is non existent thus making the whole damn CD felt too percussive. The solo. Man, where should I start with the solos. I was having an extremely difficult time swallowing the solos. Way out of tune and the notes were all over the place. The soloist obviously was not prepared to do the record. Dude, word of advice, plan your solos properly before you record. 

6- All in all. The stuff is pretty much decent with a couple of highlights on the riff department here and there but the solos really killed everything for me. Kudos to the drummer for trying his hard to hold the songs in place. As much as I tried to appreciate the vocals, but feline shrieks does not sit well with my ears. Sorry.
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