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TARANTULAH - Kedamaian Jalan Hitam
1. Tarantulah is a four piece band playing thrash metal/grindcore hailing from Kuala Lumpur. The band was formed in 2007, but it was only 2012 that the band becan to actively releasing demos/promos and being featured in compilations. The band emailed me their promo for review and it took me quite sometime before I could find the time to really sit down and listen to their 4 track promo.

Tarantulah Battling Legion
2. The demo was raw but you still can listen to the songs. Musically, I found them more of a punkish grindcore band rather than a thrash band. Think Napalm Death scum era grindcore. Dirty and extremely raw. The songs were simple and straight to your face.  Faithful to the typical grindcore song structure, three of the four songs were all under three minutes, not giving you any room to breath.
3. The instrumentation were a bit muddy and bassy, but what do you really expect from a live promo? It would be more enjoyable if it were a bit cleaner though. If you like punkish grindcore, you should definitely check this band out.


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