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Wabak is a Malay word for plague and I do believe that they have the potential to evolve into one mammoth plague if they can figure out the correct ingredient and formula that they wanted to employ for their music. Wabak is a heavy metal band hailing from Banting, Selangor, Malaysia. I have to say that the lead guitarist can really execute his instrument judging from the Youtube clip I saw of them, although the songs on their Myspace page were far from impressive, well, at least to my ears they were not. Maybe I was expecting crazy note progressions and killer complex riffs from a band of heavy metal musician that have a John Peter Petrucci playing lead in it.

I have personally informed the band of my distastes of the melodies constructed for their vocals. I was utterly awed with the vocalist’s competence to get in contact with all that bloodcurdling high note screams, but melody wise, nothing out of the vocals stuck in my head. It was just sheer high note screams and that was it. The vocal melodies on the song, take Blindness Heart for example, had no more than 3 notes on a single bar. Yes I am no position to judge since I myself am not a qualified musician but hell I can still make a distinction between what’s listenable and what’s not. Maybe I was expecting good sappy but hummable melodies from a band that have a Michael freaking Kiske singing their songs. Sigh.

Apart from that I honestly believe that Wabak can still cut out as a decent Malaysian heavy metal band if they can give a little bit more effort on writing better songs with better riffs and strong melodies for the vocals. I was also informed by their axeman, Mr.Fuzzlee, that Wabak is currently writing and compiling original materials for their upcoming debut album. Wabak consist of Shah on the vocals, Fuzzlee on the guitar, Hanif on the guitar and Mizi on the bass. I hope these guys can decorate their repertoire and gain more experience as a good live band by playing more and more gigs in the future. It is hard to get gigs in Malaysia, if you got one, take it.

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  1. fuh.... vocal ala Warrel Dane zaman Sanctuary dulu. Respek habis!

    Cuma kena control sikit bab off-key tu. Otherwise, a unique vocalist yang dah takde zaman ni. Keep it up!

  2. suara mamat ni tinggi bro. Aku rasa ada dalam 3 octaves tu. Satu octave lagi dah boleh lawan kiske. Tapi melodi tak kuat, sayang. Tak berikan penekanan kepada komposisi melodi untuk vokal.

  3. Band yag boleh pegi jauh.....Banyak idea mungkin masa dan bersama saja tak cukup....

  4. mencanak jugak band ni..vokal mmg power..
    lagi dua orang gitaris pon solo bleh tahan tone kuar mmg jari kilat aa..dasat band ni bro.

  5. thanks bro...
    akan diperbaiki lagi...
    sory lambt reply
    papahal kitaorang akan buat yang terbaik
    segala kritikan kutukan kami terima...
    thanks abg ben,kiske memang saya minat..
    thanks korang semua....

    syah wabak

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