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1- Whats up. I have yet to find the time to update this blog properly but do not worry because hopefully by next week, I will try and get this blog started again. Yeah, maybe the guilt seeing this blog still manages to pull a lot of viewers. Even with the no update what so ever, I still got like 1000++ viewers for last month alone and a lot (half) of them were from outside of Malaysia. I guess my objective to promote Malaysian Heavy Metal to the world is in full swing after all.

2- With out any doubt people out there were more interested with the download section. I guess after this I will be putting a few more good albums for you. There is no better ways to promote Malaysian metal music then giving you ear candies for you to listen and evaluate. We walk the talk around here. Hopefully the previously uploaded albums of Silent Death and Sil Khannaz had give you some ideas about Malaysian Heavy Metal.

3- To the Malaysian Metal maniacs, if you know any good metal bands out there, kindly inform me here. Sometimes I am just too lazy to browse myspace to check out them bands.
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  1. check out PEEL. Drum is good.

  2. PEEL? camne nak check abang Ben? Nanti saya riki kat Myspace.

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