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1- I am currently listening to Helloween's new much anticipated no.15 Studio album, the long overdue 7 Sinners. It is an Ok record I guess. Although the chugs were heavy as hell (as heavy as Better Than Raw if not heavier), I think it was too pop for me. I Still love it though maybe it wont be as much as I have loved their second album with Andi Deris, Time of the Oath. Oh I love that album so much. Well, you go download Helloween 7 Sinners HERE. If you happen to get this album, try and give track no.6, Long Live The King, a proper listen. I like that song for its typical thrashy riff that you can get off from any Bay Area Thrash bands.

2- Whats new? The pioneer of Eastern Black Metal, As Sahar will be re-releasing its debut album, Phenomistik some where in late December this year I guess. This album was one of the first few landmark albums that helped shape and inject the local Black Metal Scene with something original and something to call their own. Awesome. The re-release will be in a digi-pack Compact Disc format and will limited to 500 copies only. Go and order your copy HERE. If you order early enough, you will be getting extra goodies. Hurry up.
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