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1- Ablasa is a black metal band from Kelantan and was formed somewhere in 2009. Apart from being a band under the banner of the mighty Kelantan Metal Army, not much information that I can dig from their Myspace page which was really unfortunate.

2- They got one song called Nar Is Thee (Fire Whispering) on their Myspace page that is worth checking and from my point of view, the song is decent, clean and melodic enough to my liking. I am attracted to the whispering vocals although I don't how that will make out with their live performances.

3- One thing though guys, put some information in your Myspace. Visit their Myspace to check out the song at
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  1. dah dengar, tak boleh nak teruskan pendengaran.

  2. hahaha... typical je band ni abang band.. tapi whispery vocals tu.. tatau camne nak nilai.

  3. terima kasih atas banyak2 info buat aku yang x banyak pengetahuan..aku tggu review2 pasal band thrash kita pulak...

  4. Hehehe.. Insya Allah, nanti aku cuba godek godek.. Thrash metal "revival" nye bands berlambak skang ni tapi semuanya terlalu omputih.. atotop sama zubirun juga yang bunyi asiatic sikit.

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