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1- Again not much information from the Myspace. Hellterror is an awesome grindcore band and due to my ignorance and the lack of information, I do not know from where they came from.

2- Their debut demo War Of Idiocracy featuring 11 grinding tracks was released by Dis-Organ-Zed Netlabel somewhere earlier this year. What do you expect? Heavily influenced by Scum era Napalm Death with your typical dual vocals and your typical under 1 minute songs and once in a while that typical 3-4 chords of a song. You know, those extremely short songs first made famous by Napalm Death with their world record song The Kill back in the early 80's.

3- You can listen to all 11 songs of the demo here or you can visit their Myspace page at
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  1. For your information..hell terror is a band from Malaysia..they only have 3 band members..and their music is awesome...

  2. thanks dude.. i know that they are from Malaysia.. but which part.. All of the bands featured here are malaysian bands by the way.

  3. kuala lumpur

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