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1- A brutal death metal band from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I like this band a lot, may due to the precisie and sharp drum beats and patterns. Wait. Is that Affare from Diman/Humiliation? Well, no wonder the drums were so precise. Affare is one of the better young metal drummers from Malaysia up there with those in the likes of Lan Bye of Sil Khannaz/Infectious Maggots/Brain Dead or Ly Razak of Suffercation or Wira of he got too many bands to mention.

2- Flesh Desecration was formed somewhere in 2005 by Wan Slaughter with a few other friends heavily influenced with Suffocation, Disgorge and Cannibal Corpse. The band was later disbanded and reformed in 2007 with a new line consisting of Wan Slaughter on the guitars/vocals, Abe on the bass/vocals and Affare on the drums. 

3- You can try and have a listen to their one song on Myspace. Crazy riffs and crazy drums with that extremely deep gurgling vocals growls made famous by pioneering band, Demilich. Musically I like the song but I was never a fan of those deep gurgling vocals. 

4. Those kind of vocals are so insignificant to me that it always spoiled my mood whenever I try to listen to a particular song with that particular vocals in it. Its like listening to an instrumental track but not really an instrumental track because the vocals are there, it's just insignificant that it made me feel like I should bust a cap on the singers head. Stop doing that! I miss those brutal "normal" growls. Maybe I should just listen to Humiliation instead.

5- Visit Flesh Desecrated at their Myspace page:
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