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The Bloody Reign of Slayer by Joel McIver
Title: The Bloody Reign of Slayer.
Author: Joel McIver.
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Additional Info: Hardcover, 286 Pages, RM157.65, Kinokuniya Bookstore Kuala Lumpur.

1- My third Joel McIver book after Justice For All - The Truth About Metallica (the most complete Metallica biography ever) and To Live is To Die - The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton (the only authentic biography of Cliff Burton. Yes, ever). I have already reviewed the later HERE and will later review the former. Stay tune for that. I would also like thank Mr.McIver for emailing me the other day. An absolute honor man.

2- You can now buy the paperback edition which is way cheaper than the hardcover version that I had. I bought the hardcover version because I just could not wait for the paperback edition. There goes my one hundred and fifty bucks out of my pocket for Slayer but  fuck, it's all worth it. Every Slayer fans should get a copy of this book.

3- I am quite familiar with McIver's style of writing by the time I got this book due to my repeat read of Justice For All. Although an avid metal fan McIver provided a balanced story telling from a metal fan point of view and from those who are outside looking in.

4- In this book, you will be able to read about Slayer's early formation to its finest details. The book also got one whole chapter dedicated to the detailing of the fearsome four's early lives way , pre 1983, before the formation of Slayer. It has a chapter each for every phase of the band's progress. I mean you will have a chapter for each of their albums, from their Metal Massacre days to the Show No Mercy phase and the latest being their 2006 album, Christ Illusion. I believe there will be a revised edition to include World Painted Blood.

5- This is by far the most complete Slayer autobiography I have ever read, well not that they got a lot of that anyways. Get this.
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