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1- I am still playing Helloween's newest CD, 7 Sinners. I must say, all the songs in that album really grew on me. Of course 7 Sinners will never be as epic as the first three albums but for me it's already up there among the best Deris era albums of Helloween. Deris dominated the songwriting for this album with the other members contributed at least two songs each. The mighty main weenie, founder and guitarist Michael Weikath only contributed 2 songs; Raise The Noise and The Sage The Fool The Sinner. One thing for sure, there are a lot of double bass drum attacks in this album.

2- I do not know why but it seems to me that good heavy metal music nowadays only came from the more veteran bands rather than the newer ones. As of right now, I am waiting for Manowar to re-release their epic debut Battle Hymns with Donnie Hamzik on the drums and of course, their newest album, Hammer of the Gods

3- Well for me it's not really that big of deal who is behind the drum kit because Manowar's songs were always heavily revolved around Eric Adams's powerful vocals, solos from Karl Logan and the epic song writing capability of Joey Demaio. Manowar had always been straight forward with their heavy metal. There is no room for no Portnoys nor Lombardos of drums in Manowar. Sorry Scott, you will not be missed.

4- Metallica will start writing some new tunes somewhere in 2011. Hopefully they will try and get a better sound engineer this time and for the love of God, properly mix the songs lah this time around. Death Magnetic, a good but not great comeback and return to form album but the sound was pretty fucking horrible. I dont know about you but Slayer's World Painted Blood also got that same horrible vibe. Rick fucking Rubin.

5- I am no Malmsteen fan but if you like his stuff, be warned that his newest album, Relentless, will be out in store sometime this month.
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