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1- Previously my favorite new band was Irotori but now after experiencing the awesomeness of Medusa, I am really contemplating to overthrow Irotori and put Medusa on top of the reigning list. Medusa is a progressive and very melodic metal band of awesomeness from Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Started out as a jam band Medusa is truly a new young force to be reckon. I will tell you why.

2- The songs man, the fucking songs. They blew me away with their fucking songs, the arrangements, their senses and ears for nice melodies, the nice breaks and the leads. When I first feasted my ear holes with their songs via their Myspace page, I was and am still hoping that the band is not a fucking metalcore band. All the songs available on their myspace have no vocals so it was kind of hard to judge but judging from the style of their songs, I doubt that Medusa is a fucking metalcore or else I will be very much frustrated. Do not waste your time with fucking metalcunt fellas.

3- Their first song is called Donnie Brasco. The started with some heavy guitars and blast beat drums before launching into a fully melodic riff assault. The kick drums were a bit all over the place here and there. 2 minutes into the song, the song went into some Gothenberg shits before going into some lame slam breaks. A lot of different tempos but they managed to stay groovy. The solo was decent and short to give more room for some dual guitar riff trades.

4- The second song is called Paradox. The sound quality for this song was horrible with the drums being too high in the mix. But being a drum enthusiast myself, I do not really mind that since I can still enjoy the awesome drum works from the talented drummer. Nice double paddle work and the groovy time play with the cymbals.

5- They got a couple more songs in their myspace. This band is highly recommended by The Bullet Belt. Medusa consist of Iffat (vocals),Ayai (guitar), Fixx (guitar), Pithang (Bass) and Rudi (Drums). and I believe none of them are over 26. It would be a mind fuck if Irotori could team up with Medusa and release a nice split tape. Visit them:

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