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The Split of Awesomeness

1- I would like to thank the good people from Hellcut Propaganda for their effort in releasing this Deep/Animist split. I seriously thought that the idea was scrapped and was quite surprised myself upon my stumbling of this image but here it is and I think the artwork is fucking awesome.

2- Basically Deep was my personal melancholic and depressive black metal project. The original name for the project was Filsufatia but sometime earlier this year I decided to change the name to Deep. Released a promo (the songs which eventually end up as the tracks in the split) and changed the name back to Filsufatia after being pointed out that there were like 7 other bands from everywhere with the same name. Shouldve figured that out earlier.

3- So the name of the band is no longer Deep but Filsufatia, the old moniker. But seriously, the photo artwork is so awesome. Stare at it. Stare at it. Cool huh (pun not intended)..

4- I have been doing the band for 5 years now. Each year with a new demo/promo. Not really looking forward to sign to any labels although the people from Carnage Records and Kult 666 have been so kind to release my shitty songs all these years. I think Im gon start writing for a new demo. So inspired right now thanks to that awesome cover photo. Sejuk. Sejuk.
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