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1- And so I have been informed that KL's grind fuckers, Punah Ranah had already released something, maybe an EP or an album or something, titled Chapter of Killing Process. I have already wrote some sort of a review about them in this blog somewhere. You can go and read about Punah Ranah HERE. Punah Ranah plays Grindcore.

2- Unfortunately, not much information that I can share with you guys here since theres not much info about the release on the net anyway. I noticed that a member of the band had recently dropped by so I am hoping that he will at least shed some light of information about the release for thebulletbelt. Maybe the guys from Punah Ranah can consider submitting the release to GrindandPunishment.Blogspot for a hefty sack of exposure.

3- Anyway, if you are interested to find out more about the band, you can always visit their MySpace page which I have already included in my previous post or go to their Facebook page HERE.
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