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1- I'm bored. I'm sitting here in my room at the office, got nothing to do but for my continuous failblog visits. Gotta keep abreast with the current and rampant development of internet memes, you know, for the lulz. Ok, whats happenin out there? Let us see.

2- Anthrax will be releasing their latest long overdue album, Worship Music, somewhere in September. You can actually go and listen to one of the songs on youtube which was made available for download recently. Fight Em Til You Cant was the title of the song and the lyrics dealt with zombie fighting. Good ol' humor filled Anthrax. I am excited because this will be the first Anthrax album featuring my favorite Anthrax singer, the ever goofy Joey Belladonna since Persistence of Time album.

3- Megadeth has announced the title of their 13th studio album. And the album title? TH1RTE3N. What the fuck was that all about. The title sucks, Mustaine, change it. This album will feature David "Junior" Ellefson since The World Needs a Hero in 2002.

4- You know, thrash metal bands from the 80's have been releasing pretty good albums recently (well, except Metallica but at least their kinda back with their old thrashy riffs even though the quality of the sound sucked big time). Megadeth's Endgame was one of my favorite album to spin, Testament's Formation of Damnation was really, really good, Overkill's Iron Bound was really, really good, Sodom's In War And Pieces was exceptionally well written (the album that Metallica should've recorded), Heathen's The Evolution of Chaos was good. Man everything seems to be good and well in Planet Thrash.

5- Hopefully we will be able to see more good albums from these bands in the future (well except Metallica).

6- Corey Taylor of Slipknot wrote a book called Seven Deadly Sins. Not interested. Next. Remember the all girl metal band, Kittie? They will be releasing their sixth album titled "Ive Failed You" somewhere in August. My all time favorite heavy drinkin, cheast beatin, muscle buildin, harley ridin band like of all time, Manowar is still recording they long awaited new album titled "Hammer of the Gods". Damn DeMaio, whats taking you so fucking long? Oh yeah, Bruce Dickinson received an honorary doctorate from Queen Mary University, London. Congrats Dr.Dick. Apa lagi? Ah yes, Post Mike Portnoy Dream Theater will be releasing an album with their new ever humble drummer Mike Mangini.

7- Fuckin kewl!
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  1. Mike Mangini is the man...!

  2. Heathen's The Evolution of Chaos \m/ !!!...

  3. Dr Ben: I like the title for the new album, A Dramatic Turn of Event. Sekelepuk ke muka Portnoy si Drama Queen.

    Berteromber: Yeah!!

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