Rants: A Cromok Reunion Show? A new album? 5 comments

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There’s no need for Cromok fans to hold their breath or to wait on needles and pins. Yes, the metal juggernaut will grind its wheels soon enough with a reunion show planned later this year. And it’s not just one of those nostalgia gigs, but one with a new album to back it. -The Star July 22, 2011.
I am a pre Hillary Cromok fanboy and I had just wet my pants!

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5 Responses to 'Rants: A Cromok Reunion Show? A new album?'
  1. harap2 ianya seperti album yours truly..rasanya seperti ada feel yang tertinggal disana

  2. wah.. legend.

  3. Perhaps Man Keedal will make a cameo appearance?

  4. Perhaps Hillary also..?
    Twin guitar solo like Image Of Purity...

  5. Korawk: Saya lebih berharap agar mereka cuba write an album diantara Image dan Forever. Yours truly sedikit tame bagi saya.

    Faiz: A legend indeed.

    Dr.Ben and Berteromber: That would be exciting. Tapi I think dalam FIT pemain pemain gitar handalan memang ada featuring tapi tak tahu la untuk apa.. solonya ka atau ideanya ka. Check thank list FIT.

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