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1. I changed the blog layout in the hopes that it shall inspire me to regularly update this helluva blog. I suck. But hey, it looks cleaner and minimal and dark and metal. The way I like it best.

2. Ive gotta tell you that I am super excited to go and watch, Cromok, my favorite Malaysian metal band of all time performing live next month at Thrashing Kuala Lumpur. Got the tickets already eventhough my friend only managed to get us the RM90 ones whereas I would have preferred the more expensive one. 

3. I am not a frequent gig goer and its fuckin Cromok with the original Forever In Time/Yours Truly line up. So it is a big deal to me. This was THE band that made me fell in love with heavy metal. A fucking big deal.

4. So, I guess I'll see you there then.
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