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CLAW - Negativity Through Solitude Album (Blackwinds Production)
This is the debut album from Claw, a Black Metal quartet from the blasphemous banks of Kuala Lumpur. The band was formed in 2004 with five (including this album) releases under their bulletbelts. Negativity Through Solitude contains 8 tracks and I managed to listen to a couple of tracks from the album and it was dirty, dark and grim. All dirty and grim aside, there are pretty good riffs through out the songs, well, at least in the tracks that I've listened to. RM25/USD12. Order your copy now.
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HAYAGRIVA - Descendants XII Album (Khakan Production)
Hayagriva is one of my long time favorite local black metal band and I still thinks that the picture used for the front cover of their debut album, Silverian Art (Elegy Domain) back in 1998, is one of the best cover I've seen for a local release. Descendants XII is the bands third album containing 11 tracks. The sound quality is quite good although the guitars were a bit low in the mix. I believe this is to make way for the keyboards, which managed to create this mystical landscape for each and every song. Still true with their Symphonic black metal or as the band puts it, Dark Shadow Metal, this album is a must. They even got a music video out which for me, shows that the band is really serious in doing what they do. Order your copy now.
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