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1. It has been a while since I do a band feature here in The Bullet Belt. I blame Myspace for that. But when each and every time I came across a good band that writes good music, which is not that often nowadays (I guess being a bit older made me a bit more picky about the type and the quality of metal I listen to), my fingers would itch to write about it. The same reason why I am writing about this band. Razed.

2. The band, hailing from Bangsar/Shah Alam, was formed back in 2008 and consists of Danial on Bass, Adam Shahir on Drums, Amy on vocals and Raz Azraai on guitars. I came across Razed while I was browsing for cool band logos in Encyclopaedia Metallum. It was not their logo that drew me to them though, since their logo was too simple for my liking, it was their genre. The band was described as a hard rock band, so I was keen to give them a try. Luckily I found some of their tracks on youtube.

3. The tracks which was uploaded by the band themselves were taken from their 2011 EP titled Faith & Victory. The EP contains 6 tracks of pure heavy metal and hard rock awesomeness. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Hard Rock, but I appreciate properly written songs. I am impressed with the arrangements especially the riffs and solos, nothing short of virtuosity there.  The vocals were impressive too. The drums were not something that you can call extremely technical, but it compliments the arrangement for each of their songs.

4. Music wise, its heavy, its rocking and its fucking groovy (which is always an A point in my book). There was a southern rock edge to it. Its like Pantera (The Great Southern Trendkill album Pantera) with a Phil Anselmo high notes and James Hetfield gruff barks hybrid (the Black album Hetfield) singing. You should try this one. Get in touch with the band.


i. Well, when you got a latest update section for a fresh post, it is obvious that you got some of the infos about the band slightly wrong. Well, I have been in contact with the main man behind the band, Raz, and he managed to fill me in with the latest development of the band. The current line of the band is Raz - guitars, Aidil - Drums, Gurdev - vocals and Danial - Bass.

ii. Oh yeah, one more thing. They dont play southern-esque heavy metal anymore. Based on the new song which was released recently, the band made a 90 degree turn towards technical death metal. Yes. You read that right. Technical fuckin' Death Metal.

iii. The new song, Silver Kiss, was a pretty decent death metal track. You can try and give it a go HERE. The vocals were pretty good. The drums were superb. The riffs were tight as fuck but it lacked the swinging headbangable groove that made 90s death metal so enjoyable to us all. But thats just my personal preference.

iv. Thats the thing with modern death metal bands nowadays. Too much emphasis on technicalities. The other day, I tried browsing for new death metal bands and all I got were these complicated, technical and brutal death metal bands. I wish we could all just go back to the time when death metal was simple, when it was all about 3 riffs and tight groove sections. Nowadays bands are trying to put 132 riffs and 21 tempo changes in a song. I guess I am a bit carried away here. Haha.

v. What ever it is, Razed is a very potential band that you need to check out. Technical or no technical, at least its death metal and not another fucking metalcore band. Haha.

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