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My Appetite For Destruction - Sex & Drugs & Guns N Roses.
Title: My Appetite For Destruction - Sex & Drugs & Guns N Roses.
Authors: Steven Adler with Lawrence J. Spagnola.
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing - 2010.
Additional Information: Paperback, 286 Pages, RM 65.90, MPH Bookstore, Kuala Lumpur.

1. If you are a hard rock or a hardcore 80s rock music lover, then you must know Guns N Roses. One of the biggest hard rock band in the history of hard rock. If you are a fan of them Guns, then you must know who Steven Adler is.

2. I am not a big GNR fan. I hardly knew any of their songs. Okay, maybe the opening riff for Sweet Child of Mine. Well, come on. Everybody knows that riff, even if they were just a couple of fans of Justin Bieber. One of the most known riff ever to be composed by the likes of man. On the note that I am not a big GNR fan, the name Steven Adler was a bit alien to me.

3. I bought this book solely on the premise that its a book about rock musician. Being the biggest band on the planet with a short list of incredible albums under their belt and the laughable antiques of its undeniably charismatic diva of a singer in the form of Axl Rose, it was just a must have. I love biographies anyway.  

4. Steven Adler was the original drummer for GNR back in their early formation, back in 1985. He played on GNRs first album. Appetite For Destruction back in 1987 and the follow up, GNR Lies in 1988 and was fired from the band in 1990 while the band was in the midst of recording their epic double album, Use Your Illusion and was replaced by Matt Sorum.

5. This book is 286 page thick and was divided into 23 chapters. The first five chapters dealt with Adler's early years living in Cleveland, his initial meeting with Slash (guitar) and his introduction to drums. The next few chapters were about the early years of GNR and the process of writing their debut. The rest were about life on the road, drug addiction, sex, controversies, more sex and drugs and the usual whole ten yard.

6. One thing for sure. This book was an easy read. It was from a first person perspective and within those 23 chapters, each chapters were divided into various different headings. So you would not get bored waiting to end a chapter.   
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