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1. I have to be honest that I am not really a gig goer but I have always fantasize about organizing my own shows with my favorite bands playing. Almost organized one back when I was still a teenage punk living in Kota Bharu, Kelantan (my hometown), but the owner of the premise bailed out last minute fearing rushes from the local authority, which was quite often, back in the day.

2. What if, all of a sudden, I became rich and got some money to spend on things of my fancy? If that were to happen, the first thing that I would want to do would be to organize a show. Not just any show but the ultimate crowd puller kind of a show. It will not involve international acts, just locals, and I got a couple of bands in mind. These are the bands and the reason why would I choose them to perform at my fantasy gig.


I chose Mistik to open the show. Mistik (Mistik is a Black Metal band from Penang, Malaysia) First, because they are a Black Metal band, and a good one at that and I guess in order to show that our local scene and metal is widely varied and colourful (excuse the pun), choosing Mistik to open should be a no brainer. The crowd at this point needs a good lethal injection of fresh melodic vibe to kick start their heads, and to set the tone and mood for the whole gig, having just came in into the venue, virgin and all, they would need something that can attract them closer to the stage and participate. 

I will specifically ask the band to include the 2 songs which they recorded for Storm of Nebiula compilation part 2, Demonic Deal (Sial Batara) and Journey Through The Forbidden Woods, into their setlist. That 2 songs will get everyone, anyone to bang their heads. Hands down, that 2 song were by far the best black metal songs ever recorded by a local band. Highly infectious, high on grooves, extremely melodic, elaborate and ambitious and constructed with perfection in mind. I can bet my pinky finger that you will not be able to name me any other song from any other local black metal bands that can compete or come close to the epic and grandness of Demonic and Journey. Man, I can just write about these two songs all day long. Lets move to the second act, before I do that.


After that high octane of a performance of Mistik, the crowd would need a really good band to continue the flow of the vibe and energy thus I chose Hidden Silence (a Melodic Death Metal band from Malacca, Malaysia) to be the second band based on the strength of their debut EP, Black Hearted Spiritual alone. One of the best pure melodic death metal band that ever to came out from Malaysia. This band is not your typical run off the mill twin guitars Gothenberg melodic death metal, it is something that you need to experience yourself.

I would ask them to open with Cast Away, a melancholic and extremely gloomy instrumental piece that they got on the EP. Let the guitarist blaze himself with his crazy solos before jumping for the opening riffs for Necromenicide, the second track off their EP. The opening riff to that song will definitely turn heads around and again towards the stage. Heavy with groove, a headbangable track and with melodies thats far from cheesy. The solo for Necromenicide was just out of this world. It has been a long while since I last heard a very very good solo recorded by a local guitarist. The crowd can not and will not be able to just stand still with this band. High on energy and virtuosity especially on the drums and lead department. To be honest they can just play any songs from that highly praised EP of theirs. The songs were all good. Next band.


I will not give the crowd a chance to breath, like at all. I will have the local reigning king of Thrash twist the heads of the crowd. I have yet to experience Thrash with any other local bands the same way I experienced Thrash metal with the mighty Athotorgh (a Thrash Metal band from Perak, Malaysia). And you just got to see the best metal drummer in Malaysia, playing his craft to perfection. There are no two ways about it.

I will ask them to open with GMF, the first track from their debut, one and only EP, Promaster Dieyana, under their belt. The crowd will recognize that riff from anywhere. That, plus the crowd participation section at the chorus will bring down roofs. Their last song will be non other than, Promaster Dieyana, one of the most recognizable thrash riff ever composed by a local band. Man, this song is fucking intense and somewhat emotional. The crowd will love chanting Promaster! Dieyana! with the vocalist during the chorus, that I can bet my ass off. I chose Athotorgh because, after two bands, the crowd would be a bit exhausted by now, but they will stick with Athotorgh's set list because the crowd knows that their set would not that long. 


Now for the headlining band. Its an interesting choice, but with a twist. Ill write about it in my next post. Stay tuned. You are free to give it a go at guessing it though. Cheers.

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