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1. SINGHASARI, after being under the radar for quite a while since their last release, Kebangkitan Nusantara EP and Hikayat Dari Hujung Selatan Timur, back in 2010, the aforementioned Malaysian premier pagan black metal band will be releasing a four way split release with 3 bands from Germany, Mexico and Belarus. This will be extremely awesome. Contact the band via the following link for more information.

2. KARAMAH, the long awaited project band from the infamous Wan Barchiel, the founder of the legendary Singaporean Black Metal band, As Sahar, will be releasing their debut mini album with the title, Huraish. Pre orders have now been opened to those who are interested to get a copy. Will the sound of the band be similar to As Sahar? Try them to find out.

3. HUMILIATION, Malaysian finest regiment of death metal assault team will be releasing their new album with Deeps End Records. The new album will go by the title of Turbulence From The Deep. The label had also gave out a full song tease in the form of Phosphorous Shell, one of the song featured in the new album for a free download. Pre order now!

4. ANTABOGA, one of the most exciting Malay Occult Black Metal band from Klang, Selangor, is set to release their new CD called Mayang Mistik. The CD will contain 10 songs and it will cost you around RM30 a piece. This CD will limited to 100 print only, so you better get your wallets and purse ready. This is the time to desecrate! Get in touch with band now!
ANTABOGA | Facebook

5. ANGUISH, Pahang's death metal merchants will be releasing their mini album, Abstract Decomposition soon. I will try and get more information on how to get your hands on the release. It will definitely be exciting. All hail Malaysian Death Metal!
ANGUISH | EncMetallum
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