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Iron Maiden In The Studio - The Stories Behind Every Album.
Title: Iron Maiden In The Studio - The Stories Behind Every Album.
Authors: Jake Brown
Publisher: John Blake Publishing - 2011.
Additional Information: Hardcover, 235 Pages, RM 89.90, Kinokuniya Bookstore Kuala Lumpur.

1. Iron Maiden is one of the most successful metal band of all time. The influence that these old geezers managed to spread was beyond boundaries. I bought this book because its a book about Iron Maiden, I would be crazy to pass this on.

2. My first experience with Iron Maiden was when I was still schooling. I was still learning the ropes about what metal was all about. A fellow metalhead classmate dubbed me a compilation tape consisting of bands that I should pay attention to. I got my first dose of Carcass from that old tape, and of course Iron Maiden. What better ways to be introduced to Maiden, if not with Run To The Hills?

3. Known for being extremely melodic, cheesy catchy twin guitar leads, the infamous galloping rhythm sections, 5 octave craze by their frontman/airplane pilot and sing along choruses to top it all, Iron Maiden sure knew how to make our heads bang to the max. 

4. As the title of the book clarified, this book was about war stories behind each and every Maiden album, from the first self titled debut back in 1980 to the latest album, The Final Frontier which was released back in 2010. 

5. The 235 page thick book was divided into 16 chapters, one for every album, with the sixteenth chapter was dedicated to Eddie, the long time mascot of Maiden. Overall, the book dug the idea, the core and the in depth elaboration about each and every album and songs released by the band. You know, who wrote what and why. All that mumbo jumbos that only their hardcore fans would be able to appreciate.

6. Be very cautious though that this book is not an autobiography of the band but it would suit well as an additional read to any Maiden autobiography that you got in your collection. 
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