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Alternative Label/Distribution | Ancaman Production | Quiet Still Dead Records

The only reason why I bought this CD was Disaster Funhouse, a local household name in Malaysian HC scene, making a comeback after God knows how many years of hiatus. Boy, was I in for a treat, Disaster Funhouse did not disappoint. This CD contains 13 songs with Hooded, an excellent HC band from Bandung, Indonesia, contributing 7 songs while the remaining 6 were contributed by Disaster Funhouse. Hooded played angry, old school with a bit of touch of modern HC while DF maintained their signature NYHC Warzone-esque brand of HC. Heavy, fast, straight to your face old School HC, the way it should be played. According to the sleeve, the songs which were featured in this CD were recorded way back in 2004. I do not know why, DF chose not to release this fine piece of music back then, but I am glad they chose to release it anyway. It came with a nice gatefold sleeve and a lyric sheet, complete with English explanations about each of the songs featured. Highly recommended. Email the labels at: or or

THE EVERYDAY – Globalisasi Retromodlist CD (?)
Youth Culture Records

Retro rock. The one band that came to mind when I first listened to this 4 piece of a band is The Times, especially the lazy vocal parts. The lyrics were a bit cheesy, not really to my liking, although the music is moderately decent. Oh, one more thing, get a real drummer, boys. 

Self released

Bacteriostatic ia a new three piece melodic punk rock outfit from Kulai, Johor. This demo contains 8 highly infectious and well written melodic punk rock tunes. The lyrics mostly talks about friendship, trendies and humanity. The quality of the sound is decent, with the bass is high on the mix while the drums were a bit at the back. I can barely listen to the sound of the bass drums. But all in all, this band has a high sense of melody that I can tell. The CDR demo came with a lyric sheet. Email the band at 

SOUL SAVIOR - Punk My Ride CD (2010)
Nervhous Records

This CD was released in 2010 so it is quite an old release. First look at the band’s logo I seriously thought that this was a heavy/power metal band or some shit, but no, Soul Savior is a chilled out melodic punk rock band from Patin rock city of Temerloh Pahang. Less the vocals, the band plays this chilled out punk rock tunes in the veins of NOFX, Propagandhi and Bad Religion. I kept mentioning chilled out, right? That was due to the way the singer sang their songs; chilled and relaxed, despite the fast and energetic blistering punk rock music that he is singing to. Kind of like Chris Cornell. The CD contains 8 highly melodic ear candies with lyrics about having fun and poetic interpretation of life with little pokes on modern day ideological nonsense here and there. Seriously, I had fun reading the lyrics. The words crafted for Running Out of Life and Romanticizing the Revolution were some deep and heavy poetic shits, man. The sound quality is very good even though the bass is barely audible. Maybe a couple of notch up on the treble knot would do the trick. The guitars were clean despite the never ending buzzsaw activities through out the CD. This CD is enjoyable. One listen and I am already humming the riffs. If you like MTV Punk rock, then you will want to give this band a listen. Contact the band at

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